Our highlighted translation & interpreting domains include the industries of oil and gas, petrochemical engineering, coal, coal conversion (a.k.a coal chemical industry in China), renewable energy, etc.

Petroleum Engineering 
Drilling: running casing, cementing, directional drilling, mud logging, wireline, fishing, drilling fluids, rig move, rig installation, IADC report...
Completion & Workover: wellhead installation, liner technology, screen pipe, fracturing, acidizing, pulling plunger, flowback, N2 lift...

Patents & Invention
Abstracts, claims and specifications of inventions and utility models.

Products Brochures (brochures, manuals, and guidance etc.).
Travelling & Sightseeing (booklet for scenic spots, investment, website, and guiding signs etc.).
Construction Engineering (bidding documents, CAD drawings, project design, and project reports etc.).
Government Documents (public affair show boards, development proposals, and city planning etc.).
Certificates (Certificate of Graduation, Award, Academic Degrees and notarization etc.).
Academic Papers (graduation paper, academic paper, professional articles etc.).

Oversea Study Application
Study Plan, Transcripts, Study Certificate, Birth Certificate, Income Certificate, Explanation of the Source of Funds, and etc.

Website Localization
Specific column, navigators, HTML codes, and words on all pages etc.    

Customized Services
Phone, E-mail, letter, resume, TV commercials, and etc.