Nemo Cheung, Co-Founder


  • A Chengdu-based English-Chinese consecutive interpreter, freelance translator, and city tour guide, now majorly translating technical manuscripts and interpreting for expats or whoever needs services during their travel, business trip, cultural trip, and facility visits. 
  • Familiar with petroleum engineering knowledge with 6 years of drilling and completion experience in oil and gas fields.
  • Have been freelancing since 2005, serving individuals and firms with excellent quality and attitude, and teaming up some professional translators, interpreters and linguists together to provide translation, interpretation and touring services among the language pairs of Chinese, English and Chinese local dialects.
  • Holding a BA degree of English Translation & Interpretation from Sichuan International Studies University and a second BA degree of Petroleum Engineering from China University of Petroleum (East China) while working in oil and gas industry of the science and technology domain.